Thursday, 5 February 2009

First blog entry...finally bk

Well I'm back on the blog scene again, i was before but closed my account because it got too complicated with family and stuff.. and continuous questions of why did i write this or that... i thought i started the blog to escape judgement.. but they caught me out, but I'M BACK.
A met someone who actually inspired me to start the blog again, i told her i would start it the day we met, but as usual i thought it was a joke, but she seems like a great person, so hear i am keeping to my promise, and getting started again.
I really missed blogging, and allot of other things, drawing, stuff like that, haven't done it in a long time, but i have met allot of nice people who have actually inspired me to get off my lazy but and do stuff, I'm seriously the type of person who is easily inspired, if only i had a little bit of a push and someone to actually keep me going, i lost that but i guess I'm finding it again in different people and not just replying on ONE person.. I'm learning to live life for everyone and not just one, i know i definitely don't live life for me lol
anyways i think this is enough for my first entry, i hope to most allot more on different things my daily life and how i feel, beware people you might notice i suffer from bi-pola disorder in the way i write... one day happy the next totally down, that's how i live, and u mite actually find that my blog could be depressing, because I'm using to let my feeling out as i never talk bout them to anyone, u mite not even make sense of any of it but good luck :)
and thanks for reading :D